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ICON White Spot Treatment in Liverpool

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What are the white spots on my teeth?

White spots are very common and can be the result of;

  • Fluorosis – Caused by a high intake of fluoride when the adult teeth are developing
  • Decalcification  – often seen after braces are removed, or a heavy plaque build-up has been removed
  • Trauma – Particularly when the teeth were first developing.

When the pores of the tooth are exposed air gets trapped inside, this is what gives the appearance of the white spots

What is White Spot treatment?

At Dr. Rez we use ICON White Spot Treatment. A three-stage treatment that is completed in one session.

  • An etching Gel is applied to the white spot area opening up the top layer of the tooth
  • A drying Gel is applied to the area to remove any moisture which may stop the final stage being absorbed
  • Then a resin is then applied to fill the damaged area, filling the pores. This has the added benefit of starving any potential bacteria of oxygen which may have been spreading the white spot
Dentist Applying Teeth Whitening Treatment
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What are the benefits of white spot treatment?

The most prominent part of having white spot treatment is changing the area of the white spot back to the colour of the surrounding tooth.

It also can have the benefit depending on the cause of the white spot, of halting the spread of the spot as well.

And finally, it is a very low-invasive treatment, meaning no injections or drilling are required. Making it a great alternative for smaller changes, opposed to having Fillings, Veneers or Crowns.

Can this be fixed with teeth whitening?

No, if you have white spots on your teeth, and have a tooth whitening treatment, the white spots will still stand out and show up against your whitened teeth.

This is because they aren’t stains on your teeth, which is what whitening removes.

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