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Teeth Whitening in Liverpool by Dr. Rez

Smiling patient after Liverpool cosmetic dentist Dr Rez completes tooth whitening operation

What is teeth whitening?

The teeth whitening treatment used by Dr. Rez, is a treatment using a Gel to breakdown the stains on your teeth, removing discolouration and bringing out the whiteness.

How long does teeth whitening take?

A treatment usually takes 14 days during which you will see noticeable results.You can continue the treatment beyond this is you wish your teeth to be whiter, and at any time that you’re happy with how white they are or for any other reason you can stop the treatment immediately.

Is it safe?

Under the guidance of a reputable Dentist like Dr. Rez, yes teeth whitening is safe. Dentists will look to only use quality products and tested procedures.

Purchasing kits online, or at retailers on the high street however can run the risk of cheap and in some cases illegal products that either don’t last very long (for some products one night), or contain dangerous levels of the bleaching agents used to whiten teeth which may cause damage to the teeth and surrounding area.

You may see some businesses, such as beauty salons, offering teeth whitening treatments. It is important to note that teeth whitening by anyone other than a registered Dentist is illegal.

Buying kits to use at home means you also have to work out how to use them yourself, increasing the chases of something going wrong.

Dentist Applying Teeth Whitening Treatment
Woman smiling after visiting Dr Rez Liverpool dentist

How long does it last?

Teeth whitening isn’t permanent. While it removes the stains that have accumulated over time, it can’t prevent stains from happening again. How you care for your teeth afterwards will define how long you can maintain the whiteness of your teeth. If your teeth do discolour over time, you can have the treatment again.

Does it hurt?

For some patients teeth whitening can cause sensitivity during the treatment process. However, we can provide a serum that alleviates these symptoms.


What discolours my teeth?

Food, drink or smoking. Easy answer if you’re worried it might stain that white top you’re wearing; it’s most likely staining your teeth.

How can I get my teeth whitened?

Dr. Rez Dental Surgery is based in the centre of Liverpool and arranging for Teeth Whitening couldn’t be simpler. Just go to our Contacts Page and choose your preferred method to contact us today.

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