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Same dental implants in Liverpool

What are Same Day Dental Implants?
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Same day dental implants are a treatment whereby cosmetically your smile can be restored on the same day as the implant is fitted into your jaw.

This is done by using shortened crowns. On our Implants page we look at how an implant is made up of three parts, the visible part being the crown. The shortened crown means that you can visually see a tooth in place, however because it is shorter than the teeth surrounding it, it will have less pressure applied to it when eating, ideally no pressure should be applied to it at all.

This reduced pressure is important, and why same day implants are cosmetic in nature rather than a permanent solution. The shortened crown will have to be replaced once the implant has healed.

Having a tooth replaced via an implant isn’t a quick process, when an implant is put into your jaw, it will take time for the bone around it to heal and fully secure the implant in place. Pressure applied to the implant can hinder or damage this healing process.

Are they permanent?

The implant itself with appropriate oral hygiene and dental visits can last for 20+ years. The crown, or visible part of the tooth however, is not permanent. A temporary crown is put in place that is shorter than the surrounding teeth, while the area surrounding implant heals. Once healed a full-size crown would need to be made and put in place.

This is something to keep in mind when seeking same day implants, as the temporary crown would have a cost associated with it, and the full-size final version would then be an additional cost.

Can I have them?

Not everyone is suitable for same day implants. They are for the most part only suitable for people who are having an implant due to emergency damage where a healthy tooth has been broken in an accident, meaning the supporting bone structure is in ideal condition to accept an implant.

When most patients seek implants, it is due to teeth that have deteriorated significantly, and in many cases the surrounding area. When the teeth or the surrounding bone are in a deteriorated state then the treatment will require additional services such as bone graft.  If patients in these situations were to try and have same day implants, it can lead to a high chance of failure.

When you come to see Dr. Rez for a free consultation, he will be able to assess if you would be suitable for same day implants.

If you’re thinking about having Implants, arrange a visit with us here and we can guide you with the best treatment for your teeth whether that be implants, same day, or something else.

Woman laughing
Eat, speak and laugh again

Same day dental implants bring back the benefits and sense of security that come with having strong healthy teeth. You can bite with confidence into that apple, chat away freely and laugh again with ease.

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Feel Carefree

Feel confident and carefree once again while interacting with people – whether it’s a business discussion, chatting freely with friends and family, or simply enjoying the pleasure of a kiss.

Man smiling against a white wall
Smile with confidence

Get back the confidence a healthy looking smile brings whilst allowing the bone in your jaw to heal, ready for a more long term solution.

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Find out how a traditional dental implant is placed, and how Implants provide a more long term, cost effective solution to restoring your natural smile.

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