If you’re missing one tooth, or many, it can have a huge impact on your life.  As well as affecting your appearance it can also make speaking and eating difficult, all of which really can knock your confidence.  Due to improved techniques and advances in the materials used, dental implants have become a brilliant solution for people who suffer from missing teeth. At Dr Rez we use dental implants to support teeth replacement treatments such as dentures or bridges, we’re here to help you fix your smile, permanently.

A dental implant is a small but strong post used in place of the missing tooth root. The post is placed in the jaw and supports a replacement tooth or teeth. Although artificial, a dental implant will function like a natural tooth, restoring your smile and allowing you to speak and chew normally.

Dental implants can be used for a wide range of treatments; one implant can act as a support base for fixing an individual crown, two implants can replace three or four missing teeth using a dental bridge, or multiple implants can be used to provide a secure foundation for a partial or full denture.

Dr. Rez has a specialist interest and wealth of experience in Implantology and currently places Dental Implants for patients across the north west.  Just one of many success stories, Mrs D came to us after years of problems with a failing bridge. The worry of unreliable teeth was really starting to effect day to day life. She had her bridge recemented again and again by her previous dentist and longed for a more permanent solution.  As it had been many years since her tooth was removed, we discovered significant bone loss during her Implant Assessment. The first stage of treatment was to address this with a bone graft, then later place a single unit implant.

“My daughter recommended Dr Rez to me after she had FASTBRACES at his practice. I needed two implants and I couldn't be happier with the treatment and the result. The staff at Dr Rez are so friendly and welcoming, and Rez explains everything so clearly but in a way that isn't at all patronising. I was apprehensive about having implants before I came here, but the whole process was quite enjoyable! Everybody in this practice goes above and beyond and really make you feel at ease.”

Having a dental implant can change your life and is an investment in YOU.  Dental implant treatment is tailored to each individual patient’s needs and prices vary depending on how many implants you need and whether you need any treatment prior to placement (such as a bone graft).  

We do understand that the price of dental implants can be daunting, and at Dr Rez we offer Denplan for your peace of mind.  If your dentures are letting you down, get in touch to see what dental implants can do for you.  We will also be happy to give you details on Denplan.  Let’s get your teeth back in shape!