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There are many treatments that can fix problems with your teeth. The best way to deal with dental problems is to stop them happening altogether by visiting your Family Dentist in Liverpool for regular check-ups.
Smiling patient after Liverpool cosmetic dentist Dr Rez completes tooth whitening operation

Why Do I need to see the Dentist if nothing’s wrong?

Taking control of your oral hygiene is essential if you want to stop problems before they start. Check-ups with your dentist are one of the main tools you have to achieve this.

While these appointments are an opportunity for your Dentist to either confirm everything is ok or to identify potential problems early, they are meant as a point at which you can ask questions. They also don’t just check your teeth, they will also look check the surrounding area for any signs of related complications.

To arrange for a check-up, you can contact us here and choose your preferred contact and arrangement method.

How often do I need to go to the Dentist?

This will vary between patients on whether they have existing problems which could mean visiting the dentist over a short period of time due to proceeding with a treatment. Equally if you have no problems to treat and the dentist can see that you have an excellent oral hygiene routine then you may find they are confident you don’t need to arrange another appointment for up to 24 months.

To know how often you need to see the Dentist, you first need to see the Dentist so they can assess your needs. To do this you can go to our Contact Us page to arrange for a check-up as soon as possible.

Remember it may seem daunting going to a Dentist, but the earlier any problems are identified the sooner and cheaper they can be resolved.

For an overview of the various services we offer please see our Prices page, where you can also go to each service’s individual page for more detailed information and questions on those treatments.

Dentist Applying Teeth Whitening Treatment
Bringing your Child to the Dentist

As an adult it’s easy to know how important looking after your teeth is, in some cases because we have the results of not doing so when we were younger.

From the first Milk tooth, it’s important to take care of our teeth, we only get so many naturally in our life.

Man smiling after visiting Liverpool dentist Dr Rez

When should I start taking my child to the Dentist?

It may seem so an obvious answer that it can’t be right, but when they have their first tooth, typically this will be at 6 Months, certainly before their first birthday. Getting your child into the routine and familiarity of seeing the dentist is essential for encouraging them to look after their teeth.

Why do I need to take my child to the Dentist?

The Dentist doesn’t just check for problems when you have a check-up. They are also there to offer advice and so avoid problems from happening or worsening, which would lead to higher costs or more invasive treatments such as teeth extraction.

They can show you how to clean very young children’s teeth, and then when your child is old enough, how to clean them, themselves.

While your child’s first set of teeth do eventually get replaced by their adult teeth, they do have them for several years and so they need to be looked after during this time.

Arranging your child’s appointment is as simple as sorting your own. Just use your preferred contact method here so we can get them started today.

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