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SureSmile® teeth straightening

SureSmile represents Dentsply Sirona’s digital orthodontics range, within our broader orthodontics portfolio. Just as our goal is to empower dental professionals to provide better, safer, faster orthodontic care to their patients, SureSmile will be an increasingly important part of how we enable digital orthodontics solutions, and engage with patients moving forward.


Clear advantages

Use the SureSmile Retainer to keep straight teeth in place and protect your investment in yourself.Unlike aligners which are designed to be changed every two weeks, SureSmile® Retainers are designed to wear up to 12 months.

Clear aligners combine the physical force of plastic with advanced digital planning for precise tooth movement. SureSmile Clear Aligners is created by your doctor and our Digital Lab Specialist, to help provide and individualized treatment plan that is comfortable and satisfies your needs-your ideal smile is closer than you think.



Step 1 – Start with a SureSmile® consult

Your new smile begins with a SureSmile dental consult where a digital scan is taken and the treatment planning process begins.

Make an appointment for an initial SureSmile consultation with your dental professional. If you are a candidate for SureSmile Aligners, a 3D digital impression and pictures of your face and teeth are taken and the treatment process begins – no fuss, no mess, just a few minutes in the dental chair.

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Step 3 – Begin your ideal smile journey

On the date you start treatment, Dr Rez will carry out a thorough clinical examination to re-check your suitability for treatment and if necessary, recommend any pre-treatment work (for example, we may recommend that you visit the Hygienist for a thorough clean of your mouth before starting your teeth straightening).

Congratulations! Your journey to a fabulous smile begins back in the dental office when you try on your first set of SureSmile aligners. By wearing your clear aligners and following your custom treatment plan, you will quickly notice your clear aligners are not only comfortable and easy-to-wear, but virtually invisible … your friends and family won’t even notice you’re wearing them!

Step 2 – Get your customized clear aligners

Your SureSmile clear aligners are designed and customized in partnership with your dental professional from start to finish.

Your dental professional and knowledgeable SureSmile specialists at our Digital Lab plan and design your case using advanced digital software, orchestrating each step of your smile transformation with precision. Using just the right number of custom finished clear aligners, your dental professional partners with our Digital Lab to make your perfect smile one step closer. Once ready, your dental professional schedules a quick visit for you to review your new smile plan!

Step 1 – Book your free Invisalign® Smile Assessment consultation

To start your journey to a new straighter, brighter smile, simply book your FREE Invisalign® Smile Assessment. During this initial, no-obligation consultation, we will ask about your ideal outcome and explain how Invisalign® treatment works. We will also give you a guide to timescales and costs.

Call our Invisalign® Hotline: 0151 318 0460 or book online now (you can choose to do this via VIDEO or arrange an appointment at the Practice):

Step 2 – Get your FREE Invisalign® Smile Visualisation and Treatment Plan

On the day of your Smile Visualisation appointment, using our state-of-the-art Itero 3D imaging scanner, we will create a highly accurate visualisation of the outcome possible after treatment using Invisalign®. This procedure is completely non-invasive, pain-free and takes just a few minutes.

You will be able to see the results of your scan within just a few minutes. This will show you how your new smile could look and you will then be given access to these scans to help you consider if you would like to go ahead with treatment.

Step 3 – your Invisalign® treatment starts

On the date you start treatment, Dr Rez will carry out a thorough clinical examination to re-check your suitability for treatment and if necessary, recommend any pre-treatment work (for example, we may recommend that you visit the Hygienist for a thorough clean of your mouth before starting your teeth straightening).

We will also take photographs of your teeth and smile. Together with your detailed 3D scan, these will help our Invisalign® technicians to create your aligners. We will now submit your details and your custom Invisalign® clear aligners will be scheduled for manufacture. They will then be shipped to the Practice and an appointment will be arranged for you to collect them and begin the treatment process.

Step 4 – Invisalign Aligner collection and fitting

Once your Invisalign® clear aligners have been delivered to the Practice, we will get back in touch to arrange an appointment to fit your aligners and explain what you need to know as your teeth straightening begins.You will be provided with a series of Invisalign® clear aligners to fit approximately every week. You will be able to do this at home but we will arrange regular appointments during the course of treatment to check all is progressing as planned.

We have lots more information about Invisalign® treatment on our separate dedicated Invisalign® website:


Spread the cost

We appreciate that cosmetic and orthodontic dental treatment could be a significant investment. To help, we can offer 0% APR Finance at Dr Rez Dental as well as other payment options to help you spread the cost. Enjoy a smile for a lifetime paid for in as little as 12 months.


Missing teeth?

A dental implant is a perfect solution if you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth. Implants can be used to support the most natural looking tooth replacement and can dramatically improve your smile, eating and confidence.

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Look, no wires!

SureSmile® Clear Aligners use advanced technology and proven materials to provide a customized, comfortable fit from the first aligner to the last.

SureSmile Aligners promote better oral hygiene and you’ll enjoy: straighter teeth and a confident, beautiful smile. Over 80% of clear aligner patients are smiling more now.

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The experts behind the expert

SureSmile® Clear Aligners combine the quality care from your dentist with the skills and expertise of our Digital Lab to provide straight teeth.

Our Digital Lab team (specialist) partners with your doctor to deliver a treatment plan that will match each patient’s natural anatomy. Each aligner is custom-made to provide precise teeth movement and a quality smile.

Over 90% of patients trust their dentist to provide clear aligner treatment to improve their teeth.


SureSmile® FAQ's

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Can I eat and drink with SureSmile Aligners?

Dr Rez Membership Plans

To provide the best Dental Care Liverpool has to offer, we offer Membership Plans via Denplan with 2 options: Denplan Care is a comprehensive preventive and restorative oral healthcare plan. Denplan Essentials is a flexible maintenance plan.

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